Waste separation in Matale

To recover waste, IRRCs work closely with the surrounding communities to train households on how to sort their waste, separating materials that can be recycled and organic waste that can be composted. The involvement of communities promotes awareness of resource recovery and ensures the separation of waste at household level; this in turn results in good
quality compost.

In Matale, Sri Lanka households are happy with the service provided by the IRRC and are separating their waste into two categories; dry and wet. The IRRC has successfully shown the importance of community participation and has proven that it is possible to achieve a high degree of separation of waste at the household level.

After training and awareness raising, people are now separating their waste in the area covered by the IRRC services. Sevanatha has worked with the community through committee meetings and door-to-door training to promote waste separation at the source. The project also has demonstrated that the community is willing to pay collection fees when they receive a good service for their money.