W2R Fund

Waste 2 Resource

W2R Fund

The W2R Fund invests in pro-poor and sustainable solid waste management projects that reduce greenhouse gases in developing countries, especially least developed countries. The fund currently operates in Asia but plans to expand activities into Africa.
The W2R Fund is a charity registered in the United Kingdom that was established with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ESCAP and Waste Concern. The fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, with an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

What services does the W2R Fund provide?

The W2R Fund provides technology, financial capital and technical and managerial expertise to local governments and waste entrepreneurs to help them develop and implement solutions on waste management that are based on the concept of “waste is a resource”.
Capacity development is provided through a regional training centre located in Dhaka. Technical advisory services are provided through a regional knowledge network.

What environmental, economic and social benefits does the W2R Fund provide?

By using proven technology as well the managerial expertise of Waste Concern consultants and other partners in the knowledge network, cities and entrepreneurs can achieve the following benefits for every 1 metric ton of recycled solid waste:

  • Create 2 new waste picking jobs
  • Produce 0.25 tons of good-quality compost
  • Reduce 0.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Produce 40–80 m3 of biogas or 240 kWhr of electricity
  • Save 1.1 m3 of landfill area
  • Positively impact 2,000–3,000 urban residents
  • Avoid the production of 0.2–0.3 m3 of highly polluted leachate water, which would otherwise contaminate ground and surface water
  • Reduce the risk of 40 diseases directly or indirectly linked with unmanaged municipal solid waste
  • Increase crop production by 25–30 per cent and reduce the use of chemical fertilizer by 35–40 per cent, thereby increasing food security and contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.